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NEW – November 2018 Neutering campaign

Posted on Sep 26, 2018 in News

It’s well known that neutering dramatically reduces the number of unwanted animals and strays, but in these days of tightened purse strings, we find that some owners on low income can struggle to get their beloved pet spayed or castrated as part of the usual duties of ownership. At RSPCA Furness & Barrow branch, we acknowledge that this is a growing problem, so for the month of November 2018, we are running a neutering voucher scheme for FEMALE cats and dogs owned by those in receipt of certain benefits (see below): Housing Benefit Council Tax Credit Universal Credit Income Support Pension Credit If you are in receipt of one of these benefits and would like to have your female cat or dog neutered, please ring us or call into the branch as soon as possible to receive a voucher which you can use at one of the veterinary practices in our area. Vouchers will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so if our campaign funds are run down before the end of November 2018, we reserve the right to close the campaign early. Contact or call in at  – RSPCA FURNESS & BARROW BRANCH 106 CHURCH STREET BARROW-IN-FURNESS Tel: 01229 824583 Please also bring evidence that you are a current claimant when visiting the branch office for your voucher. For more about the benefits of neutering,...

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July 2017 Welfare Neutering Initiative

Posted on Aug 31, 2017 in News

If you’re wondering how we did with our Welfare Neutering Initiative back in July, we have the figures to share with you: Full cost vouchers issued:             53 Full cost vouchers redeemed:      49 Dogs neutered:                                 18 Cats neutered:                                  31 Total funds spent:                           £ 3,228.54 This means that because of your donations to us, you’ve helped 49 animals in the Furness area to be healthier and happier, to hugely help prevent the stray and unwanted animal population from increasing, and thus prevent misery for countless innocent creatures that could have been placed in that position.   Our local commitment to neutering as a way of protecting animals is so strong, we will be running another welfare scheme before the end of the year for a limited period, likely to start in November or December.   Every penny donated to us is spent in the Furness and Barrow area, so please do continue to support us in our fundraising, which all goes to benefit the cats, dogs and other animals we rescue and protect through our branch.   To read more on the benefits of neutering, check out the link:...

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Wanted: Volunteer Fundraiser and Flag Day Co-ordinator

Posted on Aug 8, 2017 in News

Mornin’ pardners! We sure do have an important message to share with you: We’re sending scouts far and wide into the wild plains of Furness on the lookout for a very special volunteer; someone who can spend a hour or two each week coming up with exciting fundraising ideas, some boss execution of those plus the kinda organisational skills which would make putting together a volunteers’ collection day at local supermarkets a total breeze. Do you have true grit in this department? If so, contact us either by Facebook message, or the phone numbers on the ad below (Please note the branch operates part-time office hours using this landline). A Western Union telegram account is not required. ...

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Rabbit Fostering Facility Build

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 in News

After an extensive delay, we are finally beginning the build of a small rabbit fostering facility in Allithwaite.  Our trustee, Mandy Christopher, will be looking after all RSPCA rabbits which come into our Branch care and we couldn’t have a more dedicated and informed fosterer.  With years of experience and a great depth of knowledge, Mandy has cared for numerous small animals over the years and provides demonstrations and talks to keep the general public informed about the specialised needs of these creatures – from exotics to small furries and birds. We hope to have the build completed with a few weeks time and that it will be up and running by the start of the New Year.  This will be a new venture for us, but one which we believe is going to benefit our area greatly and possibly even beyond.  We’ll be adding photos as the build progresses so keep watching this space!   News update (23/11/17):  Things got a bit delayed over the Christmas holidays and we have had to push back the hoped for completion date.  We now have a foundation and the shed is in place.  We are hoping to have the pens erected by the end of the month after which the facility will be reviewed by the RSPCA Field Officer.  Hopefully, that last hurdle will be vaulted relatively quickly and with no hiccups.  We certainly are looking forward to opening this new...

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