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Fostering an Animal

There are times when a kennel or cattery space isn’t going to meet the needs of one of our animals.  Possibly it is ill and needs additional supervision and care.  Or it may be stressed by a kennel environment and need a quieter, more homelike atmosphere while it awaits adoption.  There are many situations where a foster home can make all the difference and having fosterers to call on is a great asset to any Branch.

Though all fosterers are volunteers, they are supported by the Branch and reimbursed for expenditures.  We provide advice and equipment and oversee the care of the animal.  As with adoption, all potential foster homes must agree to a home visit.  This allows us to assess which animals might best be placed in the home and to discuss arrangements and provide information.

What the fosterer provides:

  • A warm and loving environment while the animal awaits its ‘forever’ home.
  • Appropriate food and exercise for the animal.
  • The keeping of accurate records of expenditure.
  • The keeping of assessment documents and regular contact with the Branch regarding the animal in their care.

Being a fosterer can be one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities.  If you think you would be interested in being a fosterer, please email us here.

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